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10+ Breathtaking 3D Street Arts By Sergio Odeith


10+ Breathtaking 3D Street Arts By Sergio Odeith

Here’s another great artist we’ll like to introduce to you!

Meet Sergio Odeith, the 43-year-old Portuguese graffiti artist, who have wowed thousands of social media users after sharing his recent artwork on Instagram. Just within 7-8 hours of publishing his work, Odeith post garnered about 80,000 likes and presently it’s soaring to about 105,000 likes and still getting more.

Best for creating extraordinary 3D drawings, the graffiti artist used spray paint to change a concrete block to an old abandoned bus and the details are shockingly impressive.

If you look at the finished pictures of Sergio collections, you would certainly believe it’s a bus instead of just a concrete block. While not scroll down to check out the recent masterpiece of Sergio Odeith. We at Waterballoon knows you’ll love it just as much as our other graffiti art post.

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