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11 Adorable Babies Who Look Just Like Famous Celebrities


11 Adorable Babies Who Look Just Like Famous Celebrities

They inherit a larger fraction of parents DNA

Babies are naturally cute and innocent when you take a look at them. While most babies look same, some have chubby cheeks, and attractive dimples.  Children are expected to be a replica of their parent since they inherit a larger fraction of their DNA. 

But what happens when the little ones share an unexpected resemblance with a world famous celebrity. Ranging from Danny Devito to Jay-Z to Ed-Sheeran and Jamie Olive, we at Waterballoon has compiled photos of look-a-like babies you won’t ever imagine has a weird resemblance with the celebrities you know.

Just scroll down to see our collections below!!

#1 See The Perfect Resemblance Of Ed-Sheeran

Tom Davies -Via

#2 The Little Version Of Great Wizard Gandalf -Via

#3 Check Out Tiny Mrs. Doubtfire 20th Century Fox -Via

#4 This Is Jay-Z Carbon Copy

imgur -Via

#5 Suspiciously Looks Like Vin Diesel

#6 The Little Adorable Look-Alike Of Jamie Oliver

facebook -Via

#7 Kelvin From The Office

tumblr -Via

#8 This Baby And Gordon Ramsey. Are They Related?

twitter -Via

#9 This Baby Is Cute As His Look-Alike –John Legend

twitter/Rex -Via

#10 This Baby Considers Himself Royal -Via

#11 I Bet This Kid Mother Watched Danny Devito All Through Her Pregnancy

Shannon Bihamta -Via

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