17 Times People Risked Placing A Blind Order And Failed Hilariously

No one is a saint when it comes to online shopping. There’s practically no human on Earth with access to the Internet that has never visited an online store to shop for one product or the other. And Since we’re all very familiar with shopping online, you definitely can easily relate to the pictures below.

Placing an order for products online doesn’t come with doubt that it won’t be as seen and requested. The appearance, price and even the attractive description attached to the product are enough to cloud our judgment.

However, some product can be disappointing at arrival. We, at Waterballoon, have compiled photos from Reddit to share the funny moments.

From getting L’s in a scrabble game, Protein bar seems kind of lacking, to Winnie the Pooh face mask, Scroll and enjoy our compilation.

The Letter “L”

© l3monsta / reddit -Via

So Bad! “I’m never ordering online again”

© leahevans248 / twitter -Via

Winnie the pooh face mask

© Market_Brand / reddit -Via

Protein Bar is a little lacking

© 1764 / reddit -Via

“Tried to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. Put this in the special requirements and they printed it on the box!”

© NicoleDaviess_ / twitter -Via

Includes a “private balcony.” It’s just a sight of the wall of the next building.

© Jagokoz / reddit -Via

When working with flowers is not your major profession

© H2Oreo /reddit -Via

“My sister ordered boots online for her Halloween costume and this is what came in the mail…”

© Sallamandersal / twitter -Via

“I mean expectations for these are never high, but… oh man.”

© moodibun / reddit -Via

The description said, “Views of the main church from the bedroom window.” Obviously, it’s never a lie.

© Airazz 7 / reddit -Via

This particular Guy can feature in “Jaws”

© dilsoso / reddit -Via

Airport food and prices can somewhat be surprising

© yourlocalheidi / reddit -Via

“When it seems too good to be true……….. It usually is”

© Franzi-Lanzi / reddit -Via

“Yep. Definitely the advertised product”

© ScrewSnow / reddit -Via

Always request for the size of things you place order for online

© BrianAshe1 / twitter -Via

The packaging looked so astonishing

© intacto88 / pikabu -Via

“Are you sure you’re a barber?”

© krasnayaopasnaya / pikabu -Via
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