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19 Pics Show Why It’s So Difficult To Understand Japan


19 Pics Show Why It’s So Difficult To Understand Japan

Japan is a country from another planet!

If there’s one country, I find quite challenging, Honestly, it’s Japan! It always has something to shock/surprise its citizens and even guests.

 A recent shock from the same country is the announcement that it would be awarding the winners of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with medals produced from recycled electronics.

While their way of life and culture still largely interest the whole world, Waterballoon has never seized from studying the Land of the Rising Sun. So far, it can be difficult to interact with the Japanese mentality.

Scroll down to see our interesting compilation!

1. “The Human Uber” assist people to attend events remotely by using another person’s body.

© Pajaropolitico / Twitter  

2. Some specific subways assist you with your bicycle.

© PidgeonSmidgeon / Reddit  

3. These particular movie tickets from the Ghibli Museum are produced with frames from different Ghibli movies.

© Outpsyched / Reddit  

4. A Solar-powered Robot Wolves are created to protect crops of the Japanese farmers.

© 9w_lf9 / Reddit  

5. In Japan, a little milk mug is given for left and right-handed people – apart from a coffee.

© DrMoney24 / Reddit  

6. Some restaurants are really secretive in the country. The waiters serve visitors without seeing them.

© yudoit / Reddit  

7. A sign in the Narita airport in Japan reads: “ Welcome to Japan in the English Language, While the Japanese texts read: “Welcome Back.

© memetaro / Reddit  

8. Geodude was titled the ambassador of Iwate Prefecture In Japan

© king_klownzilla / Reddit  

9. In Japan, there’s a special button in some taxis that request the driver moves slow.

© petro26 / Reddit  

10. Speed train in Japan goes super smoothly.

© gaijinpot / Reddit  

11. The checkout counters in the country bakeries can recognize item automatically and add up the total cost.! Interesting.

© A3A3EJlJlO / Pikabu  

12. The Airports arrange travelers luggage by color so that passengers can easily locate their suitcase.

© penguinsAreCool3 / Reddit  

13. Here’s a figure of well-known characters on store shelves that often wears attractive clothes.

© DairokuTenMaoh / Pikabu  

14. In Tokyo, some cafes specifically mark each customer’s space at the counter.

© onlyspeaksinhashtag / Reddit  

15. Japanese employees, when exhausted after work.

© kx11 / Reddit  

16. Spas for the Capybaras! The Japanese really love them.

© Jhenning04 / Reddit  

17. The  Musashino waste plant in Japan has a diner where residents can watch how trash is being processed.

© dimailer / Reddit  

18. The Nara City is almost filled with deer


19. At Japan airport, taxis line up in an orderly fashionable way to pick up arriving travelers.

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