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22 Adorable Animals Whose Life Is Just Like A Movie


22 Adorable Animals Whose Life Is Just Like A Movie

These pictures are portraying their real-life counterparts accurately.

Nothing heals the soul better than some adorable, funny and hilarious pictures of animals and pets. If you’re there at the right place and the right time, you might be able to happen upon a beautiful proposal of beavers. Or even a glimpse into the secret life of pets and animals.

We are over ourselves if we think we’re the only ones with life resembling that of movies. Says who animals can’t have their own?

1. Look at this beautiful proposal.

© xar42 / reddit

2. They say animals rarely kiss. When they do, though… it’s beautiful.

© BBC Three / Twitter

3. Is that Scar? Disney could have got this model for their remake.

© 9w_lf9 / reddit

4. Omg, that’s Timon and Pumbaa!

© Unknown / imgur

5. When a random guy shoved a raw fish to your face:

© charbodactyl / reddit

6. That alligator living its life.

© Frocharocha / reddit

7. The perfect pawty this summer.

© Billyjeter / reddit

8. You all wonder how this dog got like this. Let him tell the story.

© BielBoss / reddit

9. Sir Fluffy Cat.

© Verwalter / pikabu

10. He blends in.

© KellyMarshall2019 / imgur

11. That is one adorable, villainous dog.

© RalphiesBoogers / reddit

12. Rocket just checking his notifications.

© [deleted] / reddit

13. She is proud of that sexy leg.

© HU83R7 / reddit

14. That dog shooting for an MV.

© SchrodingersNutsack / reddit 

15. She definitely up to something suspicious.

© MrTrolez / reddit

16. That sassy Panda waiting for his butler to server her food.

© fn0000rd / reddit

17. Groupie hanging out with each other.

© vish9u / reddit

18. Totally mood.

© MooseinPursuit / reddit

19. That is one turtle who won’t take a single crap from anyone.

© mihail7yy / pikabu

20. She’s getting back for you. You better start counting your mistakes.

© Julia747 / pikabu

21. They are the cool squad you can’t beat.

© icantspeakesperanto / reddit

22. Same cool squad but with more cute purr.

© Mrcaptainpants / reddit

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