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22 Hilariously Failed Attempts By Women To Be Pretty


22 Hilariously Failed Attempts By Women To Be Pretty

Note to self: don’t even try anymore.

Beauty is a pain. That’s what some people say, but let’s be honest – as much as possible, we want it to be painless and enjoyable if possible. And thanks to YouTube and free tutorials by kind and professional people around the world, we can learn the art and technique of applying makeup, manicures and practically anything beauty related on our own.

You can also add to that list celebrities like Kylie Jenner and influencers (who do come up with unusual ideas that are weird more often than not).

That’s well until someone forgets to do more research about turmeric mask, the reviews of the saloon they are going to and really, the color of the dye they just used.

1. Girlfriend used a Walmart bag to keep the heat in when bleaching her hair.

© heywheresperry / imgur

2. She cried after a spray tan. She’s ready to cry again now.

© thiscontradiction / reddit

3. “Made a turmeric face mask without actually researching it and it stained my face. Now I look like Bart Simpson.”

© sophcianciulli / Twitter

4. “Ma da had to do an emergency stop in the taxi yesterday n some lassies face has left a full imprint on the back seat”

© Jamie McNee / Twitter

5. Your typical expectation vs. reality.

© addisonandjake / reddit

6. She took a bath.

© RecreoViral / facebook

7. She asked for layers.

© Unknown / imgur

8. Omg, what the hell? She’s wearing silver eye-shadow.

© Purrfectme2 / imgur

9. “I got a spray tan for my birthday and I put the hairnet too low on my forehead and this is the delightful result.”

© cait / Twitter

10. “When I have anxiety I tend to rip my nail polish off.”

© Linda / Twitter

11. “I forgot I had a lipstick swatch on my hand and rubbed my eye I hate myself.”

© gdycin / Twitter

12. Brow wig goes wrong.

© townsendbeauty / Instagram

13. This doesn’t look similar, but professional artist says so.


14. There’s a reason why professionals are who they are.

© GPilla / reddit

15. “Can you give me a little bit of volume?”


16. ” The time i accidentally dyed my hair orange and then accidentally dressed like a bag of oranges.”

© socialistdogmom / Twitter

17. Best Halloween makeup to date, except that it isn’t.


18. That is not how you follow tutorials.

© Unknown / imgur

19. “Accidentally just dyed my eyebrows red before auditions tonight.”

© zesty italian / Twitter

20. Another expectation vs. reality.

© [deleted] / reddit

21. “That’s one way to highlight I guess.”

© TheFriskiestOfDingos / reddit

22. How to not magnetic eyelashes.

© joeylivid / Instagram

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