30 Hilariously Worst Bathroom Designs Ever

It’s really hard to mess up on plumbing and designing a functional bathroom. No matter how aesthetics people, many are completely okay with a clean, functional bathroom. But sometimes, designers want to go beyond that and they mess up, leading them to the top design fails ever.

They are not always impractical, but many times, they go overboard for a room where we need to clean our body. It’s also a room where we need privacy even from our own family members because there are things we don’t want them to see. Or suffer from.

Here are 30 awful bathroom designs that we strongly suggest against if you plan to overhaul your bathroom! Also for hotel owners out their who try to be different but end up looking ridiculous and even impractical.

1. We’re all perfectly find with regular faucets.


2. This bathtub in a $6,500 property.

4. This sad look of bunk bed and bathtub in one.


5. When your bathtub has a great view but also lets others have a great view of you too.


6. The faucets that may be able to lead you to the chamber of secrets.


7. Meanwhile in China, people want you to slip carefully.


8. Mom went out of town while renovation happened to increase the height of the shower. Now, it literally shoots to the wall across.


9. One tiny problem with turning the shower on…


10. Plumber, upon realization it’s not for the toilet, installed it anyway.


11. Makes you feel like experience Matrix in here.


12. When privacy is your utmost importance.


13. This shower placement that makes people shudder.


14. This shower room for a guest room.


15. When you’re such in a rush you need to shower while finishing your other business.


16. Someone hates mother-in-law seeing how this was done.


17. So, it’s an altar to cleanse your body.


18. Guy booked a room through hotwire with her teenage daughter and end up in this.


19. You don’t have to know if anyone is peeking.


20. When you pizza orders but also need to bath.


21. A shower control that goes beyond.


22. Wake up to the sight of someone bathing as you enjoy your breakfast.


23. Nothing wrong here. Just make sure not to wet the carpet.


24. This whole room hurt my brain.


25. This bathtub faucet is asking to be destroyed.


26. Why does anyone want their bathtub to look like it has bloodstains?


27. That small gap that messes with our ADHD proceeds to let water flood out.


28. This hotel in Cuba will make you bond with your roommate in a whole different way.


29. Your emergency nature call will demand you climb over the tub before reaching the toilet.


30. Meanwhile in Texas, everyone loves horses.

Layla Collins

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