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Artist Illustrates The Glimpse Of Intense Love Between Couple


Artist Illustrates The Glimpse Of Intense Love Between Couple

Beautiful illustrations that depict the moments of a couple deeply in love

Love isn’t the easiest emotion to describe but can be felt by anyone in the universe.

When you’re riding the high of love, your smile often meets your ears and you have that warm, tingly sensation in your stomach. But when you are on the downside of the rush, it feels more like a thousand burning needles to your heart.

Nevertheless, its easier to use another’s personal experience to help give a sense of your own and this is where artist Gabriel Piccolo comes in.

The traditional digital illustrator from Brazil draws illustrations that depict the little but intimate and beautiful moments between couples. He started gaining traction in 2014 when his 365 days’ project of drawing every day gained attention.

“For my drawings, I take inspiration from Studio Ghibli, Disney, video games among other stuff,” the artist wrote. “I love to draw something that is relatable to me and other people as well.” He says.

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#1 Love is accepting the person as they are with all of their flaws

#2 Being with you is the happiest I’ve ever been

#3 The long talks on bed

#4 The beautiful fire of new love

#5 The difficult choice

#6 The realisation

#7 When you have to drift apart

#8 Probably one of the worst moment someone can experience

#9 The healing

#10 The everlasting heat of passion

#11 You eventually accept the person and that’s when you know it’s love

#12 You always fear of hurting the one you love

#13 You fall for them even if they say the stupidest things you’ve ever heard

#14 Afraid of love or not being loved?

#15 Break up hurts like nothing else

#16 The love story of Icarus and the sun

#17 It’s going to burn everything

#18 You have the key to my heart

#19 Silence can hurt the most

#20 And she said ‘yes’

#21 When it’s too much to handle

#22 All you want is love

#23 That’s not a shooting star

#24 Because it’s something that needs to be felt

#25 You are perfect for the one who loves you

#26 You just don’t care about the warnings when you’re in love

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