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Bride Demands Friends Pay £2,260 Each For Being Part Of Her Wedding

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Bride Demands Friends Pay £2,260 Each For Being Part Of Her Wedding

‘This is MY DAY and I’m the ONLY one that matters.’

Attending a friend’s or family wedding can end up being quite a pricey issue. You might have to buy a new outfit for the occasion, prepare a gift and even travel to celebrate with the soon-to-be-married couples.

With the being said, you won’t be required to spend much fortune on the wedding most especially as you aren’t the bride or groom.

One woman, however, has disclosed that a close friend planning to get married expects her friends to cough out £2,260 to be part of her big day.

A bride made her wedding party pay a lot of money to be involved in the big day

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Seen on Reddit’s Bridezillas Forum, the unnamed women stated that the bride-to-be requested that all her Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids bring out money for certain things as she’d bestowed upon them the ‘honour’ of being part of her wedding.

Attendant dresses $400, shoes $150, accessories $150, professional hair and makeup $250, Napa Valley house rental (per person for the week) $700, airfare round-trip $400, food/drinks for the week $700, limo rentals to go wine tasting (per person) $100 and one life-long friendship.

The bride wanted it in her way 

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Quite uncertain about where to begin the story from, the unnamed woman took readers back to the engagement party, where the lucky bridesmaids were first selected.

She explained: “First of all, she had an engagement party to kick off what is to be 10 months of constant celebrations leading up to the big day.

Her bridesmaids were expected to do more

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“This party was complete with personalized wine bottles for each of her selected bridesmaids and MOH. [The bridal party] were required to go dress shopping with her, then shoe shopping, then accessories shopping. Once she was able to find the perfect ensemble for her day, they were required to go shopping for their dresses and shoes and accessories.

The Bride had a luxury hen do in Napa Valley

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They were also required to have professional hair and make-up done. She planned a week-long event that consisted of renting a luxurious house in Napa Valley, complete with limo rentals to go wine tasting for three days,” the woman stated further.

At this point, the bride’s long-time Best Friend decided it more beyond enough and criticized about how much they had spent on her wedding.

And it included a three-day wine tasting trip with limo rides

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“The Bride told her point-blank, ‘This is MY DAY and I’m the ONLY one that matters.’ The unnamed women added.

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