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Cities Across The Globe Burst With Rainbow Colours As Millions Enjoy Pride Celebrations


Cities Across The Globe Burst With Rainbow Colours As Millions Enjoy Pride Celebrations

It’s a way of expressing solidarity.

Members of the LGBT Community across the globe took to the street at the weekend to celebrate an annual Gay Pride Parade which witnessed the bursting of rainbow colors.

Millions of individuals had participated in Gay Pride marches over the weekend

A Milan reveller who joined the march holds a placard which says, ‘I won’t apologise for who I am’ 

Two participants in Barcelona painted themselves from head to toe

In Paris, the 5.5-kilometer march starts at Tour Montparnasse

The march sees a man in a cell In Gijon, Spain, partying with others

While 2019 marks 50 years since the Stonewall riots began in 1969 – particularly on June 28, the parade had millions from Mexico City to North Macedonia.

A couple kiss at a Pride march in Barcelona

A woman poses with a group of five men as they had to compete with the rising heat

2019 marks 50 years since the Stonewall Riots began

Normally, the parade takes place almost every last weekend of June and the marches at the Stonewall Inn in New York have been regarded as one of the most major moments in the Gay rights movement.

Many celebrants stepped out in fabulous fancy dress 

Bernie Sanders joined in on the Nashua Pride march while many insulted Donald Trump

Thousands lined up in Lisbon, on the streets under a massive rainbow flag

A participant wore a catching Versace dress 

This two wore a botanical themed appearance outfit

A participant in Barcelona holds a placard reading, ‘Missing Obama’

Bernie Sanders – the United State Senator, however, did join in on a march in Nashua, New Hampshire.

A rainbow umbrella lies on top of placards for a Pride parade in Kathmandu, Nepal,

A reveller at the March in the Philippines covered half of the face with make-up and a wig and rainbow-colored eye shadow 

North Macedonia held its first ever Gay Pride and a participant is seen blowing a whistle 

But the march saw anti-protests organized by the Orthodox Christian Priest and NGOs

Achieved yearly as a way of expressing solidarity, revelers in Paris had to compete with rising temperature before a sociable firefighter gushed a hose over the crowd, while many in the United States had Insulted President Donald Trump.

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