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Couples Who Watch Christmas Movies Together Stay Together Longer And Are Happier


Couples Who Watch Christmas Movies Together Stay Together Longer And Are Happier

Cuddle your partner tonight and pop up your favorite Christmas Movie.

There’s just something so special about watching Christmas movies with loved ones. Sincerely, I feel fulfilled when I burrow down the couch with a hot cup of tea, watching an interesting Christmas movie on my television screen or laptop.

Undoubtedly, there’s a Christmas movie for everyone. Ranging from the ones that are romantically thrilled, to one of comedies and classic, they definitely deck those halls and singing O’Christmas Tree all day long.

Quite understandable, you wouldn’t want to hear anything Christmas or winter because it’s June – Summer Era, but there’s something you might need to know now before the period arrives.


As it turns out, it might really be of benefit to your relationship. Bringing a holiday cheer and watching a Christmas movie with your loved ones – most especially your spouse makes you both stay longer together and happier.

Revealed in a study conducted by Researchers from the University of Rochester and University California, Los Angeles, they worked with 174 couples who were seriously in a relationship.


Dividing the couples into groups, some were urged to watch a Christmas movie together, while the session also witnessed couples talking about any issues they felt was present in their relationship – rather than bottling it all inside.

Unsplash | Phillip Goldsberry

Shockingly, three years after the study was conducted; the couples who stick together were the ones who watched Christmas Movies.

The researchers discovered that these couples were the only ones that are still happily paired while the other divided couples who had engaged in an interactive session are either calling it a quit or at the verge of doing so.

So I’d suggest you cuddle your partner tonight – on a couch and pop on your favorite Christmas Movie.

Unsplash | Jens Kreuter

You will live, Happily Ever After!!

Unsplash | Fernanda Prado

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