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Dobby Spotted! A Bizarre Video Shows A Weird Creature Walking Down A Driveway


Dobby Spotted! A Bizarre Video Shows A Weird Creature Walking Down A Driveway

Dobby after a few drinks at 3 am.

There is always incredibly weird footage that quickly viral around the Internet. Recently, video footage shows an elf-looking creature walking down the driveway. What is so peculiar about this is the creature resembles Dobby from Harry Potter!

The video was posted on Facebook and quickly gained 36,000 reactions as well as 124,000 shares by the time this article is written. It has over 7 million views!

It’s safe to say the world is being blown away with the possibility that Dobby is real.

Surveillance footage outside the home of Vivian Gomez shows an unusual looking creature
The strange being has an awkward walk. It is seen going through Gomez's driveway
The Facebook post generated 34,000 reactions and more than 118,000 shares

The original poster was so confused with what she saw on her CCTV footage after waking up in the morning. With the video, she also included the following caption on Facebook:

Check out the video below.

A lot of people think that it’s Dobby blessing her house!

On social media, people speculated that the strange creature was 'Dobby' from the Harry Potter movies
Could it be Dobby flip-flopping on her driveway?

Others find the freaky video to be hilarious as the creature was seen flailing his arms around. It also seems as if it’s interested in the neighborhood and it looked left and right.

Here are some reactions on a repost of the video on Twitter.

One Twitter user wrote: 'idk why but the way movin his arms about halfway thru this vid is so wholesome like he look so excited to be out in the world.'
Another Twitter user joked: 'Dobby is a free elf'
'Why does “Dobby” look like he just stumbled out of the bar at 3am,' joked one Twitter user
'Dobby Jokes aside WTF is that creature,' wrote another Twitter user

Someone else chimes in and gave a logical explanation to what could be walking down its driveway. It also as if the creature just came out with the door closing behind him and upon close inspection, might actually be a human after all.

It also appears that Angie may have been a real life friend of Vivian, the original poster, and knows that she has a son of that age.

This user thinks it’s real and the footage should quickly be sent to the police because a child may have been loitering around late at night.

What do you think? Is it Dobby the elf? Is it some other elves? An alien? Or maybe just Vivian’s son pulling a prank on her mom?

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