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Facebook Stops Huawei From Installing Apps On Devices


Facebook Stops Huawei From Installing Apps On Devices

Huawei keeps dwindling.

Any moment from now, Facebook won’t allow Huawei to install its apps on smartphones. This is the latest action of technology companies cutting ties with the Chinese telecom giant after President Trump issued a trade ban.

Reportedly, already existing Huawei’s phone users will however still has access to download Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook’s main app, but will continue to receive updates through Play Store. Huawei’s phones which are still at the factory will be prevented from downloading Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

However, this option will no longer be available if Google restricts access by Huawei phones to its Play store in the future.

This is indeed evident that Facebook has discovered another calculus on how to go about the trade ban than Google. 

This is because Google had secured a temporary license to continue sending security updates to existing Huawei phones. Accordingly, Huawei’s phones still developed and not yet shipped will also still have access of pre-installing Google Services.

This implication is not necessarily perturbing for Huawei as when compared with a decision from ARM, MicroSD and SD associations among others.

While some countries are equally imposing restrictions on the use of Huawei devices, the Chinese tech company has not commented on Facebook action.

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