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Good News Video Callers, Google Duo Permits Eight Persons Video Call

Available on Android and iOS version, Google Duo, an Android built in video chat app now permits an eight persons video call.  Disclosed late Friday, the Duo group video call at launch will however not be available for Google Assistant smart displays, yet the ability to include text, emoji and equally draw on video messages was adopted.

Similarly, a data saving mode to reduce the use of WiFi and cellular data was also introduced for users in countries like Brazil, Indonesia, and India. While the announcement came as a little surprise, Google had test the group video calls with just 4 users six month back in selected countries.

According to Venturebeat, Google in an email through its spokesperson explained that the Google’s Nest Hub Max which uses on-device machine learning will be able to display duo call contact list in home view. Home View is regarded as a list of options seen with a swipe down button from the top of a Google Assistant smart display. Likewise, the Google’s face match facial recognition will also personalize the results shown on screen for recipes, local events and podcasts.

Due out this summer, the duo eight person video call will enable Google compete more effectively with Facebook FaceTime, Skype and even WhatsApp. The new duo video call enables drop messages when the individual you called is not picking his or her video call, and you can also customize emojis and text respectively.

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