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Google Tracks All You Do – And Keep Those Data Behind You


Google Tracks All You Do – And Keep Those Data Behind You

Privacy is probably non-existence at this point.

There is nothing new about knowing something, especially Google, to be tracking us. Technology has made it super easy to be tracked and hard to keep your privacy yours. But a recent discovery has shown that Google is essentially tracking everything you do.

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That includes your purchases from over a year ago, things you bought online, dates of your concert tickets, flights, etc. Basically, anything done under the same email address will be tracked back, integrated with other apps, and allow you to be constantly reminded that Google is always behind you.

What’s actually concerning was the fact that even if you disable Google history, you never really lose them. Not even sure what is the difference between disabling that and not.

Google states that your personal information will only be stored in your Google Account.

“To help you easily view and keep track of your purchases, bookings and subscriptions in one place, we’ve created a private destination that can only be seen by you. You can delete this information at any time,” according to Google’s spokesperson.

“A check of my page revealed everything I had purchased going back to 2013, including reloads on a Starbucks card, iTunes purchases and flight reservations,” admits a Google user.

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Google has never completely specified what they use and what they don’t use to create personalized ads for us. It’s important that users are given the option to opt in or out of the tracking features. Users should also be informed if they are being tracked and removing purchase history should be made simpler.

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