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Honest Comics Display What Happens In A Relationship First Month Vs. A Year Later


Honest Comics Display What Happens In A Relationship First Month Vs. A Year Later

Remain wonderfully attractive.

Normally, when we start a new relationship, we all try to stand our best at the best level. So, it is a challenge to be presentable always at the initial kickoff of any relationship. For example, a girl can’t visit nor go on a date with her partner without light makeups and attractive outfits. They spend hours trying to get ready in order to look pretty and comfortable.

But once the relationship is already clocking a year+ all of these nervousness and excitements actually vanishes – anyways not for all relationships. In fact, the initial lovable and caring beings become weird and disgusting at time. You sure can’t deny this!

It is not bad though, it depicts you are just too comfortable with the person you’ll be sharing your entire life with. Once you are each other’s best friend and lover, there’s virtually no point of impressing him/her rather be at your very best and wonderfully attractive always.

These comic compilations, however, depict the major difference of a new relationship and an old relationship. Scroll down!!

#1 You don’t know his/her appetite

#2 She gets more relaxing as time passes by

#3 No more extraordinary move to impress your spouse

#4 Its now an era of you don’t always get what you want

#5 You also don’t need to do things in order to impress him

#6 No more pretense and defenseless

#7 You can tell what you feel always

#8 What was that? Shy and Nervous never again

#9 With all weirdness and flaws, the love still stands

#10 Plan and build a life together

#11 The love never died. Same fresh, same fresh

#12 The Final solution is here – cuddling all the way

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