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Psychologists Advise Learning These 7 Traits If You Want To Build A Strong Personality


Psychologists Advise Learning These 7 Traits If You Want To Build A Strong Personality

“You don’t have to grant every single request made by people, surely there must be another person willing to help them out too. “

psychologists agree that personality is a collection of various characteristics and traits, that make an individual standout from others. Well, what is a strong personality thwn?.

If you are charismatic, inspiring and easily appeal to others, then you have a strong personality. You excert a certain degree of authority and dominace over others. Your mere precense matters even without trying too hard

Suddely this personality sounds appealing leaving the question: what makes a strong personality?. Well, there are a few traits that can accomplish that.

Some people are born with built-in strong personalities. Sort of a gift from their creators. However, other’s who weren’t lucky enough have developed the traits and you can easily spot them among influential people. Her are 7 strong personalities that you can work on. Some may take longer to develop in your character but with resilience, anything is possible.

  1. Self-confidence

This is the abilty to believe in your self and avoid falling into other’s expectation. This currently one of the most sought-after traits. You can never influence others if you don’t believe in yourself.

Confident people have ben found to excel much faster in careers and relationships. Exercising is one effective way of developing self-confidence. By working out, you regain feelings of control over your body leading to emotional and physical stability.

  •  The ability to say  “no”

Helping someone is a noble and good thing. But some instances may require you to say no. Especially at times when your kindess is violated, inability to own up and stand with what you believe might make you look cowardly. You don’t have to grant evry single request made by people, surely there must be another person wiling to help them out too. It doesn’t have to be you.

  • Sense of humor

This is one of the most attractive traits. The ability to laugh at yourself and make grave circumstances easier. People will easily be drawn towards you. It is proven that laughter helps overcome stress and see life more positively. Learn to loosen up a bit.

  • Hard-working

This doesn’t mean overworking either. Just wrok smarter. When you get onto a task, focus on it fully. Avoid distractions and switching between tasks which will only slow you down. A healthy day-time management will ensure that you finish the task at hand in time.

  • The ability to read other people

You don’t need superhuman strengths to understand what people are thinking about. To understand what someone is up to, listen to what they say. Ay attention to what they do, noticing what they are looking for and the mundane things that make them smile. This will help you understand who they really are and their behaviors.

  • The ability to appeal to people

It seems strange that some people naturally attract others. Its not like they have a superhuman magnet that attracts people to them. They have what is called charisma and you can have it too. You just need to learn a few social techniques that will make you appealing to others- making comfortable eyecontact, smilling, being polte and the ability to listen to others without rushng to speak about oneself.

They also open up when the other party shows a keen interest in knowing them.

  • The ability to control body reactions

Remember feling jittery during your first date. Well, these guys have mastered self-control. To get thise personality, you have to be in total contoll of your own body and emotions. This way you are able to keep restrained,  calm and balanced while focusing on the task at hand. When you understand your felings, you know how to deal with them.

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