This Pool Float Is Designed For Baby Bumps Will Make Summer Pregnancy A Breeze

Summer vacation is a burning hell for pregnant mothers mainly because, well, it’s summer. It’s that time of the year when it’s best to visit the beach for tanning and swimming. But, look! There is a big baby bump right there which means it’s a big no-no to lay on your stomach.

Well, that’s if you don’t have this special baby bump pool float! Even when swimming in the crowd with a big bump like is dangerous, the least you could is to enjoy a nice swim in your own pool. And pool floats have been coming in all sorts of colors and shapes, such as avocado and donut!

Peanut made pool floats for women who can’t enjoy as much with their big baby bump. There is a hole right there to allow you to lay on your front!

Picture: Peanut
Instagram l @sally__jayne
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Cozy Bump also made similar pool float for pregnant mums!

Instagram l @meghan_mosakowski

This woman also uses it indoor for surfing the net while laying on her front. And below, we see another woman doing yoga on the float!

Instagram l @randilynngreene

It also comes in two cute colors at $74.99 each.

Instagram l @munequita_bonita69
Instagram l @cozybumpau
Instagram l @cozybumpau
Instagram l @cozybumpau
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And that’s not all!

A baby bump isn’t the only issue women face when it comes to enjoying their time relaxing on pool floats. Big boobs is another issue tackled by Bravissimo who mentioned they were going to release floats meant for women with big breasts.

Unfortunately, it was an April’s Fool prank, but hey, that actually didn’t sound so bad and maybe someone will really come up with it?

Picture: Bravissimo

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