Carolyn Hartz is actually 75 years old! And her secret to looking youthful

and living a healthy life is as simple as leading a sugar-free lifestyle.

The author of the book “Sugar-Free Baking” is always advocating a sugar-free diet to her followers

she herself was a sugar addict before she made a radical change to her diet.

Now she promotes the use of xylitol, which is“a low-calorie sweetener 

I don’t use artificial sweeteners – I never have.

When I discovered xylitol, my life changed. I was able to convert all these recipes.”

Carolyn shared, “You have to eat breakfast. I started to have protein every meal

I started to have eggs and salmon and protein in the mornings because protein is sustaining.”

The yoga and pilates practitioner also added, “Don’t cut out all the carbohydrates – we need carbohydrates.”

She’s now the founder of SweetLife, a company that sells sugar-free bake mixes.