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Woman’s Dream Holiday Ruined After Beautician Left Her With ‘Angry Birds’ Eyebrows


Woman’s Dream Holiday Ruined After Beautician Left Her With ‘Angry Birds’ Eyebrows

Part of the permanent treatment risk, I guess.

It’s called being a woman – you want to look your best on your dream trip and that’s just how it works. You want those pictures that you will look back again when you are exhausted from your work to refresh you back.

But what can you do if those pictures also reminded how horrible your eyebrow looks like? Especially if every picture with your face will always have them.

This is what a 36-year-old mother from Llanelli, South Wales looks like just 24 hours before her flight. She was doomed to get stuck with this look for the one-week holiday she had been waiting for.

Colline Rees and family spent £3,000 for their holiday to Tenerife, so she decided to get her eyebrow done at getting Nailed salon where she frequents. After that, only happiness and excitement awaits her, husband Julian and their three boys Bailey, 18, Morgan, 15 and Ashton, 12.

But this is what happens when a trainee beautician steps into work on her eyebrows.

She explains that she suffers from alopecia from a teenager until now, so she needs this to boost her confidence. She frequently gets eyebrow wax to keep a beautiful shape on her eyebrows.

She has someone she is familiar with who works on her eyebrows all the time, but since that person is busy, another trainee took in the position. After the treatment, said trainee mentioned she needed to use pencil on her eyebrow. When she stood up and looked at the mirror, she saw part of her eyebrow was missing.

“I was mortified, absolutely horrified. I said to the girl ‘Are you kidding me, is this a joke?’ I was in hysteria, crying “Is anyone going to fix this?”, Ms. Rees said. She also mentioned that the trainee apologized for messing up, so another one stepped in, saying a little tint is going to fix things.

She knew her holiday was doomed.

She probably shouldn’t have agreed to it and shouldn’t have gone for the eyebrow wax at all. She didn’t just lose her eyebrow but also got two thick black slugs drawn on her eyes. She was definitely upset because of that.

She stormed out and FaceTimed her sister Paula, who was similarly mortified by her new eyebrows. And while she tried using wet wipes to clean them off, the tint immediately dried off on her skin. She also developed an allergic reaction from it.

She put on Facebook a post for a desperate call for help.

“I’m known for being happy-go-lucky and always joking and doing pranks, but I didn’t know what else to do,” said Ms. Rees.

“I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.’ All my close friends and family were saying I look like something out of the Angry Birds game,” she continued.

“We had been really looking forward to it because we always just go on holiday to Wales. We were so excited to be able to fly somewhere new,” said the mother-of-three.

She explains why this is absolutely devastating for her holiday, “If someone else looked like that, you’d do a double-take. I was devastated, it stopped me from enjoying the holiday. I tried to do my best for the children to put on a brave face but I had to sit back and let everyone else have fun without me.

“We have to work hard to go on holiday and it was just destroyed.”

She got help in the end.

While it doesn’t fix it, a makeup artist came for help. There is nothing can be done about the black slugs, so what she can do is to draw on the edge to make it look flattering. Julian, her husband, also learned to help her with the makeup during their holiday.

Guess she won’t be going to another salon for her eyebrow anymore.

We don’t know if these taco makeups can help, but maybe she’d be interested to know.

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