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Woman’s Garlic Peeling Hack Goes Viral And It Will Make You Regret Not Knowing All This Time


Woman’s Garlic Peeling Hack Goes Viral And It Will Make You Regret Not Knowing All This Time

You can peel a single big bulb in within 30 seconds and there is less mess to top it off.

Garlic is a wonder food, not exaggerating. It has a strong smell that enhances the taste and smell of your sauteed vegetables. It’s simple, easy to prepare and is very affordable. The occasional annoyance would be that garlic is always best served fresh, which means you don’t peel everything a day in advance.

This woman is sending other women and cook across the world in a haze because we have been doing it wrong. Crushing each clove before sifting out the peels? WRONG. Taking off each clove and using a knife to peel it off one by one? WRONG.

That’s right. The easiest way to remove garlic from the peels (especially if you’re making Korean kimchi that typically uses a real lot of garlic) is as simple as twisting the garlic out of their peels without having to take them off.

Check out the step by step method to do this:

1. You use an army knife of sorts and stab lightly into a clove of the garlic. Take care not to stab too hard and hurt yourself! Try this with bigger cloves first.

2. Twist the knife a little bit to pull it off the base. Your other hand has to get a good grip of the garlic bulb to do this.

3. And, ta-da! The clove is cleanly removed from the bulb and you don’t actually have to ‘peel’ it!

It’s as easy as that and some of you can, without a doubt, master this right as soon as you started. Most people remove the cloves from the bulb and patiently peels them one by one. Some people crush the cloves as the peels will naturally come off, but that’s if you want crushed garlic in your food.

Of course, the first reactions of people who have spent the last decade peeling garlic is:

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