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14 Pictures From Immense Protests In Hong Kong Illustrates Discipline And Respect

The City of Hong Kong was recently rocked by an immense protest following a controversial extradition bill that allows a suspect to be taken back to Mainland China for interrogation.  The extradition bill has now re-opened grievances and old injuries.

Initially, the former British Colony which was handed over to Chinese rule in 1997 had tolerated an unfriendly relationship with the Mainland while also attempting to maintain its special status of a ‘One Country, Two Systems’ Consensus.

Now an attempt by the Chinese Communist Party to further impose its decision on its citizen has now resulted in a protest and civil disobedience. An estimated 2 million people representing about 25% of the population have taken part in this protest and they are appealing that both the local government as well as the Beijing Government revisit their decision.

#1 Hong Kong Students  Protesting While Studying For Their Finals Exams

#2 The Height Of Orderliness In Hong Kong After A Protest Of 1.3 Million People!


#3 Hong Kongers Paving Way For An Ambulance

Rayman Cheuk / USP United Social Press

#4 Hong Kong Protestors Cleaning Up The Field After An Intense Protest

#5 Protesters Shielding  Themselves With Umbrellas Against Pepper Spray


#6 Volunteers In Ponchos Are Wearing Surgical Masks And Goggles To Form A Human Wall That Will Protect First Aid Area


The protest, which had no occurrence of violence and wild actions depicted that Hong Kongers handle the protest differently. They displayed discipline, respect, and unity for the city and this is an expression of peaceful people at its best. It is, however, an action other nations can learn from when trying to fight repressive policies proposed by top officials in government.

Specifically, their fear about the bill is that authorities will be able to target political contenders and criticizers and the conviction rates are extremely high in mainland China, with denial of representation, torture, and arbitrary detention also rampant.

Scroll down to see more photos from the massive protest.

#7 Bottles Of Water Are Left Along Pavements So People Can Douse Themselves


#8 Over 2 Millions Individuals Protesting But Still Very Disciplined


#9 Hong Kong Protesters Assisting Journalist


#10 Notes Of Remembrance Cover A Sidewalk Outside The Luxury Mall  – A Protester Fell To His Death

#11 A Small Crowd Is Cleaning Up The Rubbish By Sorting  Out Recyclables And Unused Materials. Unbelievable


#12 Hong Kong Press Wears Helmets, Eye Masks And Reflective Vests 


#13 A Guide On How To Fold Origami Lilies For Those Who’d Like To Pay Tribute To The Protester Who Fell To His Death


#14 Hong Kong Protesters Run Around Putting Off Fires 

Owen Cooper

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