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How Carolyn Hartz at 70 Years Old Looks Like She’s 20 – The Shocking Truth!


How Carolyn Hartz at 70 Years Old Looks Like She’s 20 – The Shocking Truth!

Carolyn Hartz (aged 72), who started a sugar-free diet 28 years ago, now looks half her age, just 20 – Carolyn Hartz.

Carolyn Hartz is the creator of SweetLife Australia, a firm that encourages people to eat healthily, exercise, meditate, and practice yoga. Carolyn Hartz, the company’s creator, is still in charge of the company at the age of 72. She hopes to encourage women and men of all ages to follow their ambitions of owning a business.

20- Carolyn Hartz

In 2002, Carolyn was the first to bring xylitol to the Australian market. SweetLife Australia was created by her to express her delight in discovering natural sweeteners. The firm has been acknowledged with a continuous increase in consumer demand and awareness. Carolyn is a grandma, mother of two, and the founder of

Bio, Lifestyle, and Her Anti-Ageing Secrets

Her DOB is July 1, 1947. She is now 73 years old. She was born in Perth, Western Australia.

Carolyn is the founder of SweetLife Australia, a health food company. She was inspired by the mass usage of artificial sweeteners that flooded the Australian market. Her online store and network of health food outlets and online stores have become a success story for small businesses in Australia.

Carolyn was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in her forties, and her doctor advised her to take medications to regulate her blood sugar levels. On a vacation to the United States, she came across sugar-free xylitol and decided to try it. Carolyn’s life has been transformed by the natural, sugar-free sweetener. She has had an influence on thousands of Australians and worldwide consumers through her firm, SweetLife Australia.

Carolyn is a master’s tennis player and a former state basketball player. She has competed at the highest level for Western Australia and her sporting clubs. In her late 60s, the 70-year-old began practicing daily meditation, yoga, and Pilates. Carolyn feels that keeping your mind busy and challenged is an important part of maintaining good health. At the age of 70, I just finished a Harvard University executive business credential in Massachusetts.

In Popular Culture

Carolyn has appeared on The Today Show and The Morning Show in Australia, This Morning with Eamonn & Ruth in the United Kingdom, Good Day New York in the United States, Nippon Television in Japan, and numerous print and online publications such as New Idea,, The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, and international media channels as far away as Spain and Russia!

Carolyn is a notable woman in the field of healthy living in Australia. She offers advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle that includes occasional indulgences, a dash of adventure, and a dash of amazement!


After eliminating sugar from her diet 28 years ago, the 69-year-old was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. She now substitutes Xylitol, which is manufactured from the same raw material as sugar. Her young appearance isn’t just attributable to the fact that she avoids sweets; she also maintains a regular workout routine. She claims she looks younger by eating a sugar-free diet and moving her legs. The Internet, on the other hand, does not believe her and is unimpressed by her healthy living advice.

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