Carolyn Hartz, A 75-Year-Old Youthful Baker Who Stopped Eating Sugar 35 Years Ago

Carolyn Hartz from Perth found SweetLife Australia and also wrote the book “Sugar-Free Baking.” She is 75 years old, but her youthful appearance has gotten her so many questions about her secret. The baker shares that she’s been avoiding sugar for the past 35 years!

She started on a sugar-free lifestyle after getting diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

Sweet Life

Carolyn wants to steer completely away from lifelong medicines and embarked on a journey to search for sugar alternatives. She found Xylitol, a sugar-free sweetener when she went to the US. And that had replaced sugar, honey, and other types of sweeteners in her life.

She is also a fitness lover, having represented Western Australia in her peak days.

Sweet Life

She now does Yoga and Pilates in order to stay on top of her physique. The “Xylitol Lady” often shares recipes for baking that don’t require sugar. She founded SweeLife Australia at the age of 55.

At the age of 65, she also learned meditation after a breast cancer warning.

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She continues to promote a healthier lifestyle for Australians. In her recipe books, she also explains how sugar can be hidden in many other foods.

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“A lot of sugars have healthy names like agave, rice malt syrup. Even honey in excess is not good for you. But you find these in foods like flavored yogurts, cereal bars, sports drinks, and packaged fruits,” she reveals.

When she made appearances on TV and talked about her sugar-free lifestyle, she received criticisms that say she also had surgeries. However, the grandmother-of-four remained cool and explained, “Yes, I do get some maintenance done, but surgery is not the answer to a healthy wellbeing.”

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