Health Benefits Of Natural Sweetener, Xylitol

Xylitol has become one of the most favorite alternatives to sugar for people adopting a sugar-free lifestyle. It tastes very close to sugar and is the best alternative for baking as they measure and react exactly the same as refined, white sugar when used in baking.


Xylitol has fantastic benefits, including preventing tooth decay!

According to this study, xylitol has properties effective in reducing dental caries disease and even reversing the process of early caries. The reason is that it has antibacterial properties that have been observed to inhibit the growth of Streptococcus pneumonia.

The benefits go beyond tooth decay and caries disease. Research has shown that the antibacterial properties also prevent respiratory infections.

It prevents and reduces ear and yeast infections.

Xylitol performs exceptionally well in stopping yeast growth. In fact, kids with ear infections were observed to see reduced infections up to 40% when they were given xylitol chewing gum regularly. It also prevents Candida (yeast) infections by making it hard for the yeast to stick.

Improves digestive system as soluble fiber.

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Fiber is essential to healthy colons, and xylitol acts as just that. According to this study, fiber is food to healthy bacteria, and xylitol acts like soluble fiber.


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