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Person Reveals A Conversation With An Vegan Who Faulted Him Of Appropriation Over Enjoying Tofu

The quest for healthy living has engendered several dietary preferred by many people. While it is, however, a good thing for a person to eat whatever he thinks is healthy for the body, some other people have pushed their love for a particular choice of food to the very extreme. Vegans are known for their love and preference for tofu instead of meat.

This is because they believe tofu is healthier with better nourishment than meat. However, this vegan has created a stream of reaction when he became aggressive with an ordinary person who loved tofu.

It all started as a friendly conversation with the vegan commenting on the man’s tofu recipe. The man responded by stating that he wasn’t a vegan, but he loves tofu just like any vegan would and still eats meat when he feels like.

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This apparently got the vegan angry and thereafter proclaimed himself the guardian of the world’s tofu. This vegan called himself the keeper of the tofu gate and as such, no one eats tofu unless that person is a vegan.

Uploaded to the Gatekeeping Subreddit, which has over 660,000 followers, the conversation which appeared friendly at the initial decentralized into accusations


According to the vegan, this man was being selfish and greedy by eating both types of meat and still attempting to finish their dearly beloved tofu. The man in return got angry at the vegan telling him that he loves vegans and have been pretending to be one. This sparked a series of aggressive conversations which has, in turn, created numerous reaction by different people.

The Vegan was furious that the meat lover was eating all of its tofu


Tofu, which is made out of soya bean has been thought to be medically nutritious in many ways. It is believed to be a good remedy for heart-related diseases and even cancer partly because it is cholesterol-free. On the bottom line, having your food preference is great, but respecting the rights of others to eat whatever they choose is also great.

However, the internet reacted to the tofu gatekeeper with disrespect! The Power of Social Media

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