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Planning a Cholesterol-Free diet: Here’s a 7-days outline to follow


Planning a Cholesterol-Free diet: Here’s a 7-days outline to follow

Vegetables, fruits, fiber rich foods, whole grains, and avocado protects your heart from the damaging effects of high cholesterol.

Staying on a healthy diet and having a balanced lifestyle remains the best weapon used to protecting the human system against infections and illness. Staying healthy also protect you from heart related disease. While sodium, added sugar and saturated fats can equally damage your heart and increase your cholesterol, antioxidants such as whole grains, avocado, lean protein, fruits, vegetables and olive oil are the list of foods you should purchase. Just prepare your mind to store up your kitchen with lower cholesterol food proteins and with adequate veggies.

Day 1

Begin your day with an avocado egg toast for breakfast – with blueberries for appetizer (optional). In addition, you can either have salad, chickpea or just vegetable for lunch and a medium size orange as the fruit for noon.

To wrap up the day, you can have a green peppercorn sauce with seared salmon. Importantly, all of these are expected not to exceed more than 144 carbohydrates, 1,208mg sodium, 62g protein, 12g saturated, 27g fiber, 44g fat and 1,181 calories.

Day 2

Preferably, began the day with a bran cereal with skim milk or you can just have blue berries and a medium sized apple fruits. For lunch, eat foods that are highly rich with vegetables.

End the day with a soup made with herbal spice or with roasted tofu, peanut noodles or salad. Expectedly, keep calories, protein, fat, sodium, and carbohydrate in check.

Day 3

For breakfast, a non-fat Greek Yoghurt, almonds or blueberries will just be apt. While soup made of herbal spice would be best for lunch. For diner, you can wrap the day up with grilled romaine and fruits.

Day 4

Repeat the routine for Day 2⬆⬆

Day 5

Start the day with rolled oats and strawberries for breakfast. A roasted tofu with blueberries for lunch and chicken cauliflower fried rice for dinner. Specifically, you can either take Kiwi or Mango fruit before going to bed. Keep in check that all doesn’t exceed 1,095mg sodium, 8g saturated fat, 64g protein, 32g fiber, 141g carbohydrates, 1,220 calories, , and 49g of fat.

Day 6

Repeat the routine for Day 3⬆⬆

Day 7

Being the final day of the diet plan, begin your day with an avocado egg toast and with about quarter blueberries. You can also either have just vegetable salad or white beans spinach salad with tuna for lunch. To finalize the 7-day diet plan, you can have spaghetti squash noodles bowl and lemon grass pork or green peppercorn sauce with seared salmon.

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