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Country Musician Star Drake White Opens Up About His Brain Disease


Country Musician Star Drake White Opens Up About His Brain Disease

He’s opened up and may he gets better as soon as possible!

Fans were thoroughly worried about White’s health condition after he was last seen collapsing on stage just 15 minutes into the show on August 17. The “Livin’ the Dream” was caught in time by his bandmate and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

He tweeted this afterward, apologizing for having to cut things short.

Things were quiet for the next torturous 3 days with no update and White only informed that they will be rescheduling their performance on Myrtle Beach because he still has to rest in Roanoke.

It was finally revealed, after an interview with People magazine that White has been suffering from an arteriovenous malformation (AVM). It’s an abnormal vascular formation that entangles constricts blood flow that can occur anywhere in the body. On his case, he has it in his brain which is particularly dangerous.


“It was basically stealing blood from my brain. The neurologist told me that I should be thankful it was caught in time because it could have caused a stroke.”

It all began last winter in Nashville when he suddenly had a debilitating headache.

“That morning, I had worked out and went to a lunch meeting, and that’s when the headache started. By 2 p.m. I was in bed seeing spots in my left eye, and that’s when my left side started going numb. I tried to sleep it off but woke up with the same intense headache.”

He rushed to the emergency room with his wife, Alex, 33, and had a thorough checkup on his condition.


“The true nightmare is having something wrong with you and not knowing what it is. Nobody could tell me what was wrong,” recalling those times. MRI scan results do take days to come out. Doctors predict that this could be a birth defect and have since then, performed four embolization procedures.

White can be AVM-free by the end of this year and to him, performing has been ‘therapeutic’ because it made him realize that despite all these, he can still sing. He also shared, “I’m not telling this story for me. Someone needs to hear it, and God wants me to share it. It will help people believe in miracles, and I will feel that energy. The world needs that kind of energy right now.”

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