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5 Simple Tips From Royal Family’s Personal Doctor That Will Help You Stay Healthy And Young


5 Simple Tips From Royal Family’s Personal Doctor That Will Help You Stay Healthy And Young

How does one grow as old and gold as Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II is 92 years old but she is still the queen of England who attends thousands of business and political meetings. She is also a keyholder to making important decisions that affect the country. The secret to her longevity and spirit is no doubt the secret to her health.

The Royal Family entrusts the health of their family to highly qualifying doctors. One of those doctors, Mosaraf Ali, reveals the secrets to how Queen Elizabeth II maintains her youthfulness as well as how everyone who joins the family is given strict diets (which appear to be very simple and doable for all of us!).

Stay healthy and you will live most of your life with minimum medical care.

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Because our body has always been equipped with the capability to combat most diseases such as cold, light inflammation, cuts, and even fractures. It’s all a matter of whether we always keep it that way.

Signs of whether or not you’re healthy.

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He also included tips on how your daily activities, habits and body features show whether or not you are healthy.

  • You wake up refreshed, maintain an active lifestyle and feels tired after all that in the evening.
  • Maintain a straight back which is a sign of healthy bone structure as well as nerves and muscles.
  • Does not toss and turn too much.
  • Less complexion which indicates healthy blood circulation.
  • Good appetite but not too much.

Check your tongue regularly.

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Your tongue can be an indicator of your health. For example, a red tip on your tongue may indicate heart problem or too much fast carbohydrate intake, dark red spots may mean anemia, the yellow plague is signs of liver-related issues, etc.

You should consult a specialist when you notice your tongue wrinkled or when plagues are forming on it.


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What you eat is definitely one of the biggest factors of whether or not your body is ready. Dr. Ali points out the importance of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, not canned ones. It’s also better to bite and munch and on fruits than making juice out of them. If you like juice, ginger and celery work better.

Drink at least 6 glasses a day, eat less red meat and avoid fried food, mushrooms, and cheese. Reduce salt intake. The doctor even suggests people to spend once a week consuming only fruits, vegetables, and water.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II welcomes Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos at a State Banquet at Buckingham Palace in London, Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016. This year’s Nobel Peace Prize laureate the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos and his wife Maria Clemencia Rodriguez is on a three-day state visit to Britain. (Dominic Lipinski/Pool via AP)

He also included tips on your daily meal. Your breakfast should be light and full of protein, such as egg, almond, fruits, cereal, and yogurts. Your lunch will be heavy with a dessert that is not too sweet. Your dinner should be light and eaten before 8 pm. The later it is, the slower your body will digest the food as it’s preparing your mind to sleep.

A good body posture is important.

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A simple exercise to keep your back straight:

  • Stand up and sit down.
  • Imagine someone pulling your head straight.
  • Put your shoulders back to feel comfortable.
  • Raise your chin until you can feel pressure being relieved from your neck and shoulders.

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