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Super Fit 70- Year-Old Woman Looks Like She’s 25 , And Drinks Red Wine Every Night


Super Fit 70- Year-Old Woman Looks Like She’s 25 , And Drinks Red Wine Every Night

Always be happy with how you age.

If you were told that Norma Williams is 70 Years of age, I bet you’d argue. Shockingly, the close to-be-a-granny doesn’t appear her age as she looks 20. Anyways, there are numerous ways you can use to stay fit and in good shape. Norma has proven that age is however just a number. She honestly nailed it!

While Norma had moved from dreary and most time overcast Britain with Sunny Italy, the forever young has claimed that she is in the best figure of her life. “I presently have a better figure than when I was in my 20’s,” Norma said.

Ok! What’s Norma Secret?

The Sun explained: “Norma is still with husband Laurie, aged 80. She wrote an article on Quora on how to stay in shape in your later years and she disclosed that while some required treats are usually not on the menu, it’s better to indulge in the abundant of hearty foods.”

She added: “ I am very satisfied with myself and I have achieved the way I look through complete discipline. For example, I will never eat a giant box of refrigerated Maltesers ever again. Up until my late 50s, I normally take Two giant boxes of Maltesers into the Cinema.

And now, the most things I get very much indulge in are Savoury biscuits, doorstep toast with lashings of butter, roasted cashews, walnut and cranberries, jacket potatoes with salad swimming in Olive Oil and Dark chocolate rice biscuits. Note, NO Sweets and I do drink a bottle of wine every day.”

Believing that women don’t have to be super skinny to appear gorgeous, Norma explained further:  “A fitting shape is not defined by the height or figure type. You can be short or tall and you can be straight and equally curved. All you need is to have a great body when people see it.”

Interested in Norma’s Food Routine?

Well, she drinks cappuccinos with pastry for breakfast and has snacks on an orange, banana or other seasonal fruits. And her dinner includes protein with vegetables like broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, in soy sauce, carrots, seed, olive oil, a slice of walnut and cranberries and importantly, RED WINE.

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