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7,000 People Sign Up For ‘Farewell Britain’ Beach Party In Holland On October 31


7,000 People Sign Up For ‘Farewell Britain’ Beach Party In Holland On October 31

With booze, obviously.

With Brexit confirmed and schedule set, people all over the continent are excited to hold a farewell party for the UK. Apparently, 7,000 people have signed up on Facebook for ‘Farewell Britain’ Dutch beach party to bid them farewell.

Media worker Ron Toekook is the person behind the event who invited people to the seaside village of Wijk aan Zee near Amsterdam on October 31, the same day Brexit is happening. Speaking to ANP, Ron said, “It will be a nice goodbye to a good friend who is going on an exciting adventure, but is perhaps not too bright.”

There will be Dutch chips and obviously lots of booze from French Wine to German beer. About 52,000 more people have also shown interest in the event, so they’ll be needing a lot of chips.

“If there is enough interest there may be a band that can play… ‘We’ll Meet Again’,” it added. There were also suggestions to play songs like ‘Breunion Boys’ and ‘Britain Come Back’.

The Netherlands and the UK had deep relationships which stretch back to ages ago. Boris Johnson demanded that Irish backstop is completely axed from the Brexit negotiations as he laid down the rules to Brussels. He suggested a technology-based solution, i.e. the ‘MaxFac’ approach which will reduce the risks of a hard border.

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