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Burger King Launches £3.99 Halloumi Burger In The UK


Burger King Launches £3.99 Halloumi Burger In The UK

Produced with delicious Halloumi Cheese from Cyprus.

Again! Burger King has added a new burger to its menu. Called the Halloumi Burger, the burger is best for cheese lovers and vegetarians

Currently, rolled out in all of its United Kingdom Restaurants, a trial had been carried out successfully in Sweden.

The Halloumi Burger, now available for its customers, can be purchased on its own or can be added as a meal with fries. Accordingly, the Halloumi Burger on its own will set you back £3.99 while a double meal and a meal cost £7.49 and £5.99 respectively.

While the double equally costs £5.49, Burger King in a press release said Halloumi lovers across the United Kingdom should rejoice and mark their calendars (8th of July) as Burger King will be launching the long-awaited Halloumi Burger.

Produced with delicious Halloumi Cheese from Cyprus, the press release added: ‘With the UK now assigned as the biggest importer of Halloumi, chowing down on over 2,000 tonnes of the Cypriot delicacy per year, the demand for Halloumi has extended fever pitch and Burger King have listened.

Providing a new taste for Summer 2019, Burger King expressed their excitement as they are the first service restaurants to offer a Halloumi burger to the masses at an affordable price.

“Avoid the FOMO and take a trip down to your local Burger King UK restaurant and let Burger King provide you with the taste and sound of Summer 2019.” King Burger stated in the press release.

And of course, people were happy about the news:

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