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McDonald’s Go Vegetarian, Launched Big Vegan TS


McDonald’s Go Vegetarian, Launched Big Vegan TS

The trend for a plant-based protein snack is gaining recognition, most especially as consumers are seeking means to eating healthier foods. Unlike the previous veggie burger which have over time received mediocre reputations, this new plant-based protein burgers are designed to taste and look like meats in order to appeal vegetarians as well as meat eaters.

However, McDonald’s is hopping on the meatless burger train as it begins selling new vegan burger in Germany — one of its biggest international markets. On the other hand, Nestle is producing the meatless patty for McDonald’s “Big Vegan TS” burger.

The burger is being described as the “meatless alternative with the real McDonald’s taste,” according to a translated press release from McDonald’s Office in Germany. While the burger patty is made of soy and wheat, this trend has been due in part to technology and better techniques, which have allowed vegetable-based patties to look and taste like meat.

Since most most restaurant chains had offered a veggie burger or a vegan alternative burger to the standard patties made of meat for a while now and still  many meat-eaters have long complained about the taste and texture, the Big Vegan TS has proven to be the best for now.

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