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Carolyn Hartz, A 75-Year-Old Youthful Baker Reveals Her Diet Secret

Carolyn Hartz, A 75-Year-Old Youthful Baker


Carolyn Hartz, A 75-Year-Old Youthful Baker Reveals Her Diet Secret

Leading a sweet life without sugar.

Who doesn’t want the secret to look decades younger? Baker and cook Carolyn Hartz was constantly asked about it, and she never hid her secret. But most of you probably won’t even believe her real age!

Carolyn Hartz is actually 75 years old! And her secret to looking youthful and living a healthy life is as simple as leading a sugar-free lifestyle.

You heard that right! The author of the book “Sugar-Free Baking” is always advocating a sugar-free diet to her followers and peers. As a bonus to leading a healthier lifestyle, she naturally sheds weight when she adds regular workouts to her daily routine.

She previously appeared on TV to talk about the secrets of her amazing figure at the age of 70 on This Morning. Shockingly, she herself was a sugar addict before she made a radical change to her diet.

“I was a sugar addict, and people can relate to that,” she spoke on camera.

Now she promotes the use of xylitol, which NHS describes as “a low-calorie sweetener obtained from a variety of plants.”

Contrary to popular beliefs about people leading a sugar-free lifestyle, Carolyn still loves deserts and sweet food. Her Instagram feeds are constantly filled with new baking recipes for cakes, cookies, juice, and brownies – you name it!

She’s also sworn off fizzy drinks and doesn’t allow the use of artificial sweeteners in her food and said, “No, I don’t stand on those. I donā€™t use artificial sweeteners – I never have.”

“I do believe you don’t go without – once you say you’re not going to have cake, you want it more. I call it my deprivation center. When I discovered xylitol, my life changed. I was able to convert all these recipes.”

And in order to curb her occasional craving for sugar, she also adds more protein to her daily meals. Carolyn shared, “You have to eat breakfast. I started to have protein every meal; I started to have eggs and salmon and protein in the mornings because protein is sustaining.”

The yoga and pilates practitioner also added, “Donā€™t cut out all the carbohydrates – we need carbohydrates.”

She’s now the founder of SweetLife, a company that sells sugar-free bake mixes. Keep going, Carolyn!

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