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Why Most Of The People Don’t Like Introverts?


Why Most Of The People Don’t Like Introverts?

From a young age, we are told to brand ourselves into different types of personalities, get ourselves out there, make strong decisions, stand up for ourselves, make lots of friends socially, be popular, go out and earn money. All our ‘heroes’ are generally people who are making a name for themselves in one way or another, and usually so-called extroverts. They are social, active, spontaneous, and productive. These things are continuously shoved down our throats as being positive traits into the personality that’s the main reason some people don’t like introverts.

Introverts lead to prefer to work from the shadows. They often don’t need recognition or attention, or at least not publicly. They tend to have a smaller circle but a more intense social group. For them, life is more about the lessons and experiences rather than any outward display consequences. Introverts and extroverts both need a place in society. According to US culture, they tend to value extroverts’ traits even more so than in other parts of the Globe. Silence, Shy, Modesty, humbleness, patience, etc are extremely valued in many cultures and traditions around the globe, but less so in a fast-paced, go-go atmosphere where efficiency and productivity take precedence over proficiency and thoughtfulness towards different types of personality.

Why people don’t like introverts?

Many people assume that It’s such a shame that more introverted characters do not make it onto the entertainment scene because of their silent and self-reliant traits. If you look at ‘The Circle’ for instance, a new reality T.V show that pits 8 people against each other using only social media platforms. The members are extroverted, as the producers (and probably the online polls) state that it makes it more entertaining for the majority of viewers and netizens. Most series and films struggle to write compelling introverted personality characters because most of the action is internal – and that is hard to visualize for any individual, as it is difficult to express thoughts on-screen or on Social platforms. without an internal commentary dialog happening – which can be off-putting to the narrative or storyline.

Various Example

Some do it extremely well, such as Cynthia Erivo is one of the most fascinating introverted characters that I have seen on T.V recently. Another is Bagley’s portrayal of obsession in ‘You’. People tend to react to these characters a lot when they are done properly, and having the companionship of different characters makes the entertainment more compelling and realistic But I think the most important thing is authenticity.

 Whether someone is extroverted or introverted, it doesn’t matter so much as long as they are being as true to themselves as they can be. Introverted people trying to be extroverted comes across as fake and insincere in most cases.


The introvert is born with a temperament that craves to be alone, delights in thinking before speaking, and observes before approaching. Introvert thrives in the inner trait of the mind, heart, and soul, but shrink in the external world situation of chaos, noise, and drama. Introverts are gentle, sensitive, perceptive, and reflective toward the external world.

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