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Prudent Couple Makes Wedding Cake Of Less Than $50 Using Costco Sheets


Prudent Couple Makes Wedding Cake Of Less Than $50 Using Costco Sheets

Wedding cakes can be quite expensive due to its importance!

One of the most important events in our lives is the wedding day. Particularly for the female folks, they always want something very creative, attractive and expensive that they can boast of among friends and family after the event. However, not everyone has the fund to finance an all-expensive wedding.

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Some people have devised means of achieving a classically attractive and remarkable wedding event without necessarily coughing out their last penny.

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This was the case for Jeremy and Gosia who decided that they were going to be very economical with their wedding expenses and still achieve an attractive wedding cake.

Cakes are one of the major consumers of funds in a wedding aside from the wedding gown and suit. Jeremy and Gosia decided to make their wedding cake out of Costco.

Shared by a DIY Instagrammer, Jessica of @cottagefarmhouse, the pair bought two Costco sheets and reshaped them into different layers that look very caked. Thereafter the cake was re-frosted and covered with a $10 worth of Trader Joe’s flowers.

The final look was amazingly attractive and could even be argued to have cost far over $50

Buying the wedding cake is one of the major expenditure at a wedding besides the wedding gown and suit. Every wedding guest always looks out for what type and how beautiful the wedding cake is.

And since they have become an integral part of every wedding celebration, cakes can be quite pricey and expensive. Some professionals make cakes that cost thousands of dollars. However, Jeremy and Gosia were able to make an admirable four-layered wedding cake with less than $50.

The couple was able to achieve this stunning cake result with the help of a Pastry chef relative

People on Instagram were impressed and flooded the post with comments and likes

While Jessica promised to publish a tutorial on how to recreate the cake, she explained: My entire family and brother are very hands-on DIY and save earning wherever we can.”

Displaying the cake on a stand built by the couple’s relative, the final result was a stunning beautiful cake made of Costco.

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