Bride Gets Married In £35 Wedding Dress She Bought From Charity Shop

A newlywed woman has disclosed a shocking price tag of her wedding dress, it goes for just £35.

Cat Wilkinson, aged 29 purchased the perfectly fitting gown in a charity shop the day after she was engaged by her spouse.

Cat Wilkinson, who is a lecturer in education at Liverpool John Moores University got married to her fiancé – Mike.

Cat Wilkinson, 29, looked stunning in the long-sleeved white gown

While they had dated for five years, the pair got married in early July. She bargained the laces-long sleeved white gown for an affordable price as she bought it from a Sue Ryder Store in York.

Although Cat had few adjustments made to the dress, the dress indeed came out gorgeous. She added buttons to the back and to the top of the sleeves. She equally placed some flowers to the front of the gown.

Mike and Cat Wilkinson on their wedding day 

Right after visiting the bridal store, she deduced that the wedding dress dated back to 1950s and seems to be made from home and not from a bridal store.

“After our wedding, I’ve gotten lovely compliments about my wedding dress. Many people message me asking where it was from, so I thought I would share the whole story.”

Cat deduced the wedding dress dated back to 1950s and seems to be made from home and not from a bridal store.

Observing all of this, the bride – Cat Wilkinson took to her Facebook page to share the incredible story after being flooded with compliments on the frock.

She added: “The next day I was looking in the charity shops and saw the dress on one of the rails. It was a charity shop on two floors and I was upstairs and phoned Mike to tell him not to come up while I tried something on and to ask if the shop volunteer could come up to take a photo. Nevertheless, I bought the dress there and then for the small sum of £35.” 

Cat Wilkinson tied the knot in a £35 wedding dress she had found in a Sue Ryder charity shop

Cat, however, concluded that her £35 wedding dress should be a reminder that some things don’t need to be expensive to make one feel special.

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