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20 Hilarious People Whose Sense Of Humor Will Save The World


20 Hilarious People Whose Sense Of Humor Will Save The World

Never thought we needed that laugh.

Not everyone has the true gift of making people laugh. Only a select few have the true power to and thanks to the Internet, we can be graced with these jokes. From tired travelers to just people going on their boring life, these pictures will definitely bring a smile to your face.

From funny jokes between husband and wife to creative product design, they really perk up the day of anyone who encounters them. Maybe, something to share with your friends or that special someone to hit up a conversation! Scroll down ahead!

1. Nothing smells more like who I truly am.

© atx_stig8 / reddit

2. When ice-cream gets scared, they melt. I think.

© unknown / imgur

3. No better truth spoken.

© peculiarpete / reddit

4. He lost his leg, but not his sense of humor!

© giant_sharks / reddit

5. How to explain a rhino to my 3-year-old.

© dimebag1976 / reddit

6. We all who live paycheck-to-paycheck will definitely appreciate this.

© Eric Lalor / Twitter

7. Meanwhile in Australia…

© fuersties / reddit

8. This couple working on their communication quality.

© getinmyjetski / reddit

9. Every parent on earth.

© fuzzybuzzy514 / reddit

10. This bookstore is not joking when they say it’s a ‘Mystery’ section.

© zehtov / reddit

11. Every once a year, the library summons a ‘Book Reaper’ (the librarian) to collect overdue books.

© mechamatriarch / imgur

12. That sink looked lame. Now, it looks super cute.

© thesikale0n / reddit

13. Ya don’t mess with shady cats. Never!

© missmochi28 / reddit

14. I feel discriminated.

© smishery / reddit

15. A ‘Dad Joke’ below.

© operator141 / reddit

16. Men and parenting:

© johnsbuffalo / reddit

17. How to make a realistic shot of your figurines: crack your windshield.

© smellyshmitzel / reddit

18. Look at that pun. And how it’s factually correct.

© seal0379 / imgur

19. *LOL* Aw, that was a good one, sir. You were joking, right? Right…?

© pubstompmepls / reddit

20. If you haven’t watched Zootopia, go watch it NOW!

© brighthulk / reddit

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