19 Funny Hidden Messages On Clothing Tags That Will Take Your Time Wearing Them

Placing a tag on a cloth is undoubtedly the last thing any company will use to attract more customers.  And to even make a piece of cloth hilarious can equally be challenging, most especially if you are not permitted to include costume and mascot on it.

Nevertheless, the listed below pictures, compiled by Waterballoon will prove to you how people can, however, be both unique and creative in their own way.

For instance, one of our favorite cloth tags reads “ Remove Child Before Washing.” Being a friendly reminder, it’s important that parents and even older sibling should not allow a baby or a child be put through a washing machine at home. Yes! It can be very hazardous!

Anyways, check out our other collections. Enjoy!

#1 This will give animal lovers a mini heartbreak

#2 I couldn’t have thought of this

#3 Totally agreed

#4  Apparently, this Chinese company doesn’t know what a cloth tag is all about

#5 Heart touching message, so adorable

#6 Keep away from fire when wearing

#7 This appears inspiring! I feel I’ve achieved something

#8 So, ‘L’ for Lovely and ‘S’ for sexy, I guess

#9 Do not wear alone! Do not pass “Go”

#10 Sock using Instructions

#11 Oh, a motivational remark on a clothing

#12 Iron If needed, do not iron on decoration!

#13 This lovely! I’ve to admit

#14 In case you miss it, you can sure dance with this

#15 Is this a clothing tag! Hmm

#16 “Try on a small, come on.”

#17 “I hope this makes you feel like the princess you are.”

#18 If I was really half asleep, I would slap pandas with it.

#19 Apart from when it’s summer and the aircon doesn’t work

Owen Cooper

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