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This Resort Is Offering Customers A Chance To Sleep Under The Stars And On The Ocean For $400 A Night

Have you ever craved for a night by the beach or on an ocean? Have you also wanted to fall asleep deeply by the ocean, with the sound of waves and wind clashing?

If Yes, Your dream, thought, and imagination has finally turned reality. A particular resort now offers You and Me, a chance to sleep under the stars and over the ocean. Interesting right?

Specifically, the most amazing part is that a large mass of water is directly under you as you lay on a designed net suspended above it. It might sound crazy though, but very much possible for just $400 a night.

More info: Park Hotel Group Instagram

Social Media Influencers across the world are cherishing this resort.


 If you suspect similar pictures flooding your timeline lately, you have got the Grand Park Kodhipparu to be held for it. Famous people, as well as Instagram celebrities, appear to enjoy eating, napping and even a taking a snapshot on the net.

The resort is situated in Grand Park Kodhipparu in the Maldives.


Being a remote island, it’s housing about 120 Villas.


All of which are well-equipped with designed nets.


The Price of accommodation starts from $406 per night.


The resort, has, however, become a popular destination for famous people.


Grand Park Kodhipparu is a twenty-minute boat ride away from Maldives Capital.


And each Villa has its personal pool


Combined, it has three restaurants


Accordingly, it offers several outdoors excursions.

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