New Tesla Pickup Truck To Be Priced Under $49,000 And Blow F-150s Out Of The Water

Presently, many persons seem to have their personal opinions concerning the new Tesla Truck and interestingly, it might be quite shocking to know that this particular Tesla is going to be cheaper than imagined.

Elon Musk just disclosed that the starting price for its Vehicle is most likely what you won’t expect. Explaining to Ryan McCaffrey in his Ride the Lightning podcast’ Musk stated that the Tesla Truck would have a starting price of around $49,000.

Meaning the four wheels adorable truck can be yours and for your family for a cost-effective price. The Truck, in particular, seems to be on its way to outshine many other trucks that are well-known and used.

Musk also revealed that the Truck will be way better than an F-150 –more like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. The Truck is said to be incredibly functional and worthy of every earnings.

As noticed, Musk has however not held back discussing the new Truck. He equally noted that it will have a dual motor, crazy torque, wheel drive and many more.

The first teaser of the Tesla Truck has indeed got people talking and every person who had seen the image assumes it’s kind of a truck bed. And with its low price tag, the Pickup Truck has been the topic in recent times.

“Tesla is planning to unveil an electric pickup towards the end of the year and the design of the vehicle is tagged most mysterious when compared to any Tesla’s vehicle in history,” had stated.


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