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Chocolate Lovers Thrilled By Cadbury’s Newly Launched Orange-Flavoured Twirl


Chocolate Lovers Thrilled By Cadbury’s Newly Launched Orange-Flavoured Twirl

Chocolate lovers go into meltdown as Cadbury announces it’s launching an orange-flavoured Twirl.

It was a great day for Chocolate lovers who were thrilled by the good news that Cadburys are launching an orange flavoured version of the Twirl bar.

Cadburys fans, from all over the UK, took their excitement to twitter where they posted pictures of the newest flavoured chocolate in town

The firm’s favourite has been around since 1987 and is created using flake technology to give its texture and ripple like layers inside.

it has two bars, much like the flake but it’s covered in an extra layer of chocolate –

However some fans also expressed their uncertainties as to whether it was actually a reality or not, One fan asked, ‘Is it true – the orange one is coming?!?!’ 

Another Instagrammer asked: ‘Is the orange twirl a hoax or coming soon?’

Others said on Twitter: ‘Just saw an ad for an Orange Twirl. Orange chocolate always has me.’

Cadburys fans, from all over the UK, shared the news and pictures of the newest possible flavour 

Another added: ‘I love Cadbury’s twirl and I love orange flavoured chocolate so this would be delicious.’

While others simply said: ‘Please be true #twirl #chocolateorange’ and another pleaded: ‘Where can I buy these?

After all, the hefty speculations on social media over the weekend Cadburysreleased a teaser video about the Twirl, asking fans what makes a Twirl so twirly.  

Fans were confused about whether the new orange flavour was actually a reality or not

A spokesperson from Cadbury had some great news for fans saying,: ‘We knew it would be difficult to keep the news of the limited edition Cadbury Twirl Orange under wraps as people would be as excited about the product as we are.

‘We can’t share much more at the moment, but watch this space for more information as we get closer to the launch.’ 

The news led to a ripple of excitement to all the anticipating fans, with one saying: ‘Game.changer,’ and another claiming ‘That’s the diet out of the window’.

One Twitter user even said: ‘We want to know who was the mastermind behind this genius invention…round of applause indeed.’

While some weren’t so quick as to follow in the hype: ‘I’m not sure how I feel about this but I have full faith in Cadbury it’s got to be good can’t wait to try it.’

However, one seemed to know more, and took to Instagram, to say: ‘Definitely due soon, by the end of the month (29th apparently, along with the giant white Buttons).’

Fans of the chocolate bar call the new possible flavour a ‘game-changer’

The orange flavour is currently available in Australia-  but if definitely looks like there is demand in the UK too. 

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