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Youtuber MrBeast Goes Through The Same Drive Thru 1000 Times And The Video Goes Viral


Youtuber MrBeast Goes Through The Same Drive Thru 1000 Times And The Video Goes Viral

That’s one way to increase sales.

The world seems to be hungry for more ridiculous challenges. One such person who owns a popular YouTube channel decided to create his own challenge. Don’t worry, there will be no eating dangerous food or eating in dangerous amount. No dumb self-wounding or hurting others. Just getting a lot of food to be eaten, shared, donated, whatever they want to do with it.

Jimmy Donaldson, or more popularly known as MrBeast on YouTube has recently decided to challenge him and his friends to go to the same drive-thru for a thousand times in a single day.

They began their challenge at 7 AM.

Yes, a thousand, solid, times, ordering anything from Combos to a single bottle of water. The group of friends also changed their rides, such as when Donaldson decided to ride his golf car there.

The consequence to failing this challenge would be that they have to work at the restaurant. By the way, it’s a local Hardee’s which is pretty crowded during lunch and dinnertime, but is relatively empty on other times. And no, they haven’t failed yet at this point.

As they were ordering too much, they managed to deliver the excess food to a school…

…the police station…

…and the hospital. (Aren’t she excited?)

They also rented a limo to rest inside while taking orders.

Soon, they had four cars going a round trying to nail their 1k orders.

They had to stave off the boredom, so he started challenging himself to order alphabetically. Here’s his attempt on ‘X’.

And ‘Z’. Can you even count in Zero Coke?

And they eventually made it 997! The night was getting darker.

Hardee’s decided to throw a little congratulations for their last lap!

Yes, they succeeded past 9 PM for their one-thousandth order. After hundreds of burgers, water bottles, and combos later, the group made it to the finish line. Thanks to that, this shop gets 1,000 more orders for the day, but a few people might not be visiting any fast food joint for the rest of the week, a year or maybe life.

Check out the video below.

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