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These 22 Pictures Will Deceive Anyone At First Glance


These 22 Pictures Will Deceive Anyone At First Glance

Let’s be completely random now.

All it takes is the right angle in looking at the same things to find something different. We rely on our eyes so much that sometimes, we can’t stop ourselves from getting deceived especially on a quick first glance. A normal tree can look magical and funny, a jammed traffic can look classic, etc.

Now, to see whether your eyes are deceiving as well, take a look at these pictures and say out loud what you see. Are they monster cookies? Walking tomatoes? Or will your brain work them out?

1. That four-eyed tiger.

© Dlatrex / Reddit

2. This discolored picture.

© theywantmetohaveanid / Reddit

3. Tiny dinosaurs?! No, they are actually coatis.

© lucao_87 / Reddit

4. A floating feather is the fitting title for this cloud.

© mrashtail / Reddit

5. Dumb dumb, where’s your gum gum?

© therealneurovis / Reddit

6. Can you hear these little chicks squeak? Well, they are actually just tiny flowers.

© oldgood_isaac / Reddit

7. Now we know exploding eggs make snails.

© monkeyman9608 / Reddit

8. These chairs are so inviting.

© schoolPRguy / Reddit

9. These buses that look like stacked cassette tapes.

© AMDonline / Reddit

10. This not a raw egg. It’s canned peach half dipped in syrup.

© Unknown / Reddit

11. Wild fin in a can of refried beans.

© Brodskiis / Reddit

12. Where art thou going, tomatoes?

© voodoomotyl / Reddit

13. Did Elsa come by?

© wiinkme / Reddit

14. These are red slugs, not snakes.

© Achilles_Of_Reddit / Reddit

15. Trolls are real.

© lukeram / Imgur

16. Hungry yet?

© Rezrkt / Imgur

17. “So, I just planted pineapple bushes this morning.”

© notnexus / Reddit

18. Is this an anteater or a panda or both? It’s an anteater with panda hand.

© Malene Thyssen / Wikimedia Commons

19. Bob is shocked.

© MrSllew / Reddit

20. This cookie monster.

© TheSpacePope17 / Reddit

…and this one.

© aruffone / Reddit

And don’t forget this one.

© ArtistEngineer / Reddit

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