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20 People Who Once Didn’t Want “Pets In The House” But Now Can’t Imagine Their Life Without Them


20 People Who Once Didn’t Want “Pets In The House” But Now Can’t Imagine Their Life Without Them

‘Seriously, pa, you will love it.’

Those people who say they don’t want pets? Before you think they are evil or may have grown in a cold household, it could probably that they’re just playing hard to get. It’s true that taking in a pet means you have to become dedicated in buying their supplies, providing time and love for the pets.

It’s time consuming, but a rewarding job equal to having your own kids. But some people never really get it, that is until they get their own adorable cats and loving dogs.

So, before you give up on your parents or partner who were adamant about not getting a pet, just check out these pictures!

1. Dad didn’t want a pet. Here he is now.

© milleepthesheep / Reddit

2. Dad who ‘didn’t want a cat’ is too busy right now.

© AverageHuman9 / Reddit

3. Boyfriend didn’t want a dog and is on his way home picking up a female pug.

© Cosmicbeer / Reddit

4. Boyfriend didn’t want a cat and Minnie was not a lap cat. 24 hours later:

© itsmescarlett / Reddit

5. Wife and husband had opposite opinion on getting a new dog. So, they compromised and got one.

© Sloth_Luvs_Chunk / Reddit

6. Oscar changed stepdad’s mind about getting a cat.

© tajones1992 / Reddit

7. Mom didn’t want the dog.

© Zoey_and_co / Reddit

8. Dad’s favorite girl was a dog he didn’t want.

© Ragnar_The-Red90 / Reddit

9. Dad threatened to kick out this cat 2 years ago…

© abberdabbers / Reddit

10. “I don’t like this one,” says dude.

© atouchofcat / Reddit

11. Man: I’m moving out if you get another dog. Also man:

© peppy10 / Reddit

12. Special-need kitty ‘couldn’t stay for more than a week’. Now dad wants kitty to only sits on his lap.

© worstgurl / Reddit

13. Dad tucks in a dog, something he never wanted, daily.

© salpalxx / Reddit

15. Dad doesn’t want a dog.

© GevsHD / Reddit

16. Dog is supposedly not allowed on furniture.

© maiapupper / Reddit

17. Dad: NO CATS. Also Dad: Look, high 5!

© MrPresident91 / Reddit

18. Dad doesn’t think it’s a real dog. But dad also has the dog on his lap.

© Lady_DudeBro / Reddit

19. Buffy mechanic guy didn’t want a cat and is now on his routine to brush Prince’s hair.

© kerrycooper / Reddit

20. Dad is grumpy and didn’t want a pet. Still grumpy, but now loves the pet.

© lightsabert00thtiger / Reddit

21. “I have no interest in pets,” says the dude who holds dog in birthday party.

© uloaix / Reddit

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