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Man Turns Bears Into Honey Tasters After They Kept Coming To His Bee Farm To Steal Honey


Man Turns Bears Into Honey Tasters After They Kept Coming To His Bee Farm To Steal Honey

Bears simply adore honey. They are known to be capable of going to extreme lengths just to have a lick of that sweet brown bee syrup. They would gladly raid a beehive even despite the beestings and risk of clashing of with beekeepers.

These adorable apex predators are very common guests at many bee farms, yet they are very unwelcome as they cause much damage that could spiral to thousands.

Ibrahim Sedef, is an agricultural engineer living in Trabzon, Turkey, who works in beekeeping. For quite some time, Sedef has been struggling to prevent bears from trashing his fence as they search for the sweet precious honey.

To protect the hives, he tried placing the hives in metal cages but that didn’t work, he tried another approach, leaving foodstuffs such as fruits, bread, and fish on the trails to distract them, but the hives still got damaged.

So, the beekeeper decided to study these predators’ behaviors. He installed trap cameras throughout his farm monitoring bear’s movements and behaviors. His little trick did more than teach him a few bearish behaviours.

He decided to turn these bears into honey tasters because they clearly have a good taste for honey.

The beekeeper set up a table with 4 kinds of honey for the bears to feast on. He wasn’t disappointed with the result. As it turns out, bears have quite an expensive taste.

Sedef told the media that the bears always went straight to the Anzer honey, devouring it first then the cherry blossom honey. sometimes they didn’t even have to taste it, just by smelling, they knew which was best.

Here’s how people reacted to his ingenious trick

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