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Yes, We Are Excited About Puppy Bowl! And Yes, You Can Adopt Those Dogs!


Yes, We Are Excited About Puppy Bowl! And Yes, You Can Adopt Those Dogs!

Whose team are you on?

Dogs deserve some love as well! And for those of you who just can’t feel the hype of the Super Bowl, we know one that you can. It’s the Puppy Bowl which is Animal Planet’s annual showdown of fluffy (includes the non-so-fluffy ones, too) dogs as they race and place.

This is Sadie, who’s 18 weeks old. She’s a mix of American bulldog and Staffordshire terrier.

The pups will be divided into teams as they chase over a football in a stadium filled with a lot of toys. Yes, sound about right and speaking of a heaven. There will be announcers too and you can guess they announce the cutest things ever.

Winner will be handed Chewy ‘Lombarky’ Trophy to bring home proudly.

If you chose to attend this Bowl too, we won’t blame you for being unable to take your eyes away from the match. In fact, you might want to bring them home so bad and you can.

Wait, what? Yes! This show that has been done for 16 years is to encourage people to adopt and for more than a decade, all of the animals who played are always successfully adopted. This time, fans will have 96 puppies to choose from 61 shelters and rescue organizations of the US.

Humans are involved in the games with Dan Schachner returning as the ‘rufferee’ for the ninth time and Jill Rappaport will be introducing ‘Pup Close and Personal’. After the game, you can reach out to the shelters through for adoption.

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