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The Hidden Leaf Village Konoha in Real Life


The Hidden Leaf Village Konoha in Real Life

The Hidden Leaf Village Konoha in Real Life.

In Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, a real-life Hidden Leaf Village Konoha, has been established in Nijigen no Mori Park. Following the success of the first, Shippuden, it is the second theme park based on the popular Shounen series. In 2022, a Studio Ghibli theme park is expected to open in the Nagoya area.

Hidden Leaf Village Konoha

NarutoxBoruto is a brand-new Tokyo attraction. It will have several sculptures of characters from the popular Japanese anime series and objectives that guests may complete throughout their stay. These missions make you feel like a genuine ninja, or at least a ninja-in-training, with obstacles that don’t even require you to comprehend Japanese to solve!

Hidden Leaf Village Konoha Theme Park’s Main Attractions

Naruto & Boruto Shinobi-Zato (Naruto and Boruto Ninja Village) is a new attraction in Awajishima, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. It is one of the country’s first of its sort and is located on Hyogo’s National Park grounds. The Park has many activities designed to look like prominent sites from the hit anime series.

The theme park’s notable landmarks include the town entrance, Hokage Rock, and Ramen Ichiraku. Life-sized replicas of numerous characters, augmented reality displays, a three-story maze, a Jutsu picture cutout area, and other attractions are also highlighted.

Fans of the popular anime series Boruto and Naruto will see the recreated worlds of Boruto and Naruto at a new attraction on Awaji Island in Tokyo, Japan. Visitors may participate in various games, including a maze while immersing themselves in the world of the show’s iconic characters.

Naruto fans may eat ramen like Choji and Choji at a Tokyo theme park. For those who believe they can eat like popular anime characters, there is also an Ichiraku Ramen restaurant. In addition, the theme park offers several stores where you may purchase special anime products.

About Naruto

The plot revolves around a young ninja with a locked demon within him who aspires to be the head of his native village. Masashi Kishimoto developed it, and it lasted for 700 chapters in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

Naruto: Boruto: Next Generations is the follow-up to the popular Japanese anime series that debuted in Japan last year. The tale takes place some years after the original events and involves the offspring of several of the main characters, including Hinata and Hinata.

Naruto is one of the best-selling manga/anime series in history, with over 250 million copies sold in over 46 countries worldwide. The books’ English translations have landed on bestseller lists on many platforms. Many critics praised the seventh volume’s character growth, powerful stories, and well-executed combat sequences when it received a Quill Award in 2006.

Hidden Leaf Village Konoha Ticket Price

The Naruto & Boruto Ninja Village is a must-see attraction in Japan. The attraction’s tickets are 3300 yen ($30) for adults and 1800 yen ($16) for high school students. The Naruto attraction costs $30 for adults, according to the park’s website.


Naruto is a well-known anime/manga series that has been ongoing for more than a decade. Fans of the show have long wished to become shinobi, similar to the popular anime’s ninja protagonist. A new real-life theme park in Japan invites you to visit the Hidden Leaf Village, where you may train to become the village’s strongest shinobi.

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