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20 Cool Urban Designs That Shine Brighter Than A Diamond


20 Cool Urban Designs That Shine Brighter Than A Diamond

Ever seen them before?

People are always seeking ways to make life easy, to faster processes and reduce cost. Oftentimes, though, these innovations don’t actually require amazing technologies. But some urban designs do come with not only creative people but also modern infrastructure.

Some of these designs can be easily found around you depending on which country you’re living in. If you travel to any of these places, be sure to pay attention to how small and big things have changed the lives of many!

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1. Subways in Japan let people bring their bike up and down the stair.

© PidgeonSmidgeon / reddit

2. Reminder with the help of the sun.

© alc7328 / reddit

3. This company made aluminum attachments that make street furniture out of posts.

© teratomaproductions / Instagram

4. A realistic map of the area with house numbers and street names.

© mrwhitedynamite / reddit

5. This roll mats that help people with difficulties walk through the sand dunes.

© TurnipTemple / reddit

6. This innovative warning system that keeps pedestrians off the road on red light.

© artificial_future / Instagram

7. This thing that stores bike vertically.

© manifesto.architecture / Instagram

8. Wheelchair accessible park bench.

© BKStephens / reddit

9. A Singaporean building with gardens between floors.

© jimchanfc / Instagram

10. This folding bridge.

11. How do you feel about walking on floors that produce electricity for the homeless?

© pavegen / Instagram

12. This seat specially made for kids and the elderly.

© julienrenaultobjects / Instagram

13. This really neat graffiti in an alley.

© SureSkip / reddit

14. A bike path that glows in the dark.

© the_very_nature / Instagram

15. This is city has a fixing station for bike along the path.

© BombBombBombBombBomb / reddit

16. Singapore lets elderly and disabled people cross the road with a longer countdown time by tapping this card.

© Caesar95 / reddit

17. You can cook in public here!

© / Instagram

18. Invisible spray that can only be revealed under the rain.

19. Braille on traffic light button that shows layout of road for blind or visually impaired people.

© pfahli / reddit

20. These cute and awesome designs that make mundane things less boring and entertaining!

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