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26 Creative Urban Design Ideas You Would Like To Appear In Your City ASAP


26 Creative Urban Design Ideas You Would Like To Appear In Your City ASAP

When will there ever be a toilet that pops up in my neighborhood?

A metropolitan city is the dream of many as they offer a lot of opportunities and also contain a lot of interesting things. But living a city life can be stressful, hectic and simply exhausting. That’s when you really need designers to help people go through their life with smart and functional designs.

Check out these smart urban solutions that creative designers all around the world came up with! Do you want them in your city as well?

1. This toilet pops up at night time when it’s needed and disappears underground during the day.

© public_toilets_anonymous / Instagram   © public_toilets_anonymous / Instagram

2. This bench with solar-powered USB ports.

© KingKillerCoffee / reddit

3. Oslo airport has scoreboards that tell you walking time as well as whether passport’s needed on departure gates.

© elvikinguito / reddit

4. Sweden bench has a part that can be lifted up as table.

© Bleeedorange / Reddit

5. Sensor lights in parking spaces that lit green if it’s available and red if it’s occupied.

© EkansZapot / reddit

6. “This bus stop near me is getting pretty cozy.”

© vincentvandog / reddit

7. Now, smartphone users have their own walking lane.

© thankurichard / reddit

8. This is Marty the robot. It helps alerts supermarket staff when cleaning is needed.

© Charles Orloff / Twitter

9. Simple give-out of healthy snacks for kids under 10.

© connexx / reddit

10. This cafe without Wi-Fi that wants customers to talk to each other.

© m4rk0358 / reddit

11. Seville, Spain. Trams stop and fast charge for 15 seconds at every stop.

© Bear-Jesus / reddit

12. Finally, a cart that lets you hold everything important to life: smartphone and coffee.

© kevo0088 / reddit

13. Meanwhile in Sweden, they have the map of the supermarket.

© caspii2 / reddit

14. Prague’s narrow streets have traffic lights for pedestrians.

© Valkoryon / reddit

15. A miniature library.

© lookslikesinbad / reddit

16. In Riga, Latvia, you can get fresh orange juice from vending machines.

© ThetaCygni / reddit

17. While in Germany, you can get sausages and potato salad from vending machines.

© DanBale / Imgur

18. This swing is designed for parents and kids.

© rileywil2018 / reddit

19. A designated place for your smartphone in the toilet in China.

© Matthew789_17 / reddit

20. Water fountain which is designed so the tray below catches it for pets to drink from.

© rubenmleon / Reddit

21. Chalkboard in a diner contains explanations of coffee terms.

© mind_of_dTdS / reddit

22. You can pump your bicycle’s tires on this fence.

© dennie_stone / reddit

23. A train in Poland has a lot of greenery inside.

© MrIbot / reddit

24. There is a public punching back in the center of New York to let out of their rage.

© Donttakethisthewrongway
© Donttakethisthewrongway

25. Fence that is also designed as bench.

© jedimindtrix24 / reddit

26. This Japanese shop has displays of chocolate boxes to show what’s inside.

© one_pint_down / reddit

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